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Workouts for frequent travellers

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The final part of a 3 part series on how to stay travel fit, thanks to Flight Centre Travel Group's health and well being business Healthwise.


Exercise can be the last thing on your mind during a work trip and finding time to fit in a workout can be challenging. So what type of workout is best for minimal time but maximum effort? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The benefits of this style include increasing metabolism, endurance, strength and power while offering a great variety to your training. Here are 10 of our favourite exercises that you can easily incorporate into your workout absolutely anywhere - a local park, hotel gym or even in your hotel room.



1. Squats

Keep chest up looking forward. Bend at hips keeping core tight. Push through heels breathing out.

2. Skipping

Tuck elbows close to body. Small jumps.

3. Walking lunges

Keep chest up looking forward. Keep core tight, knee in line with toe. Push through heel breathing out.

4. Push ups

Position chest over hands. Control down to elbows 90 degrees. Breathe out pushing up.

5. Burpees

Step out to push up position. Complete a push up. Jump up and go back into standing position.

6. Mountain climbers

Keep neutral spine and breathe. Position shoulders over hands. Raise knees toward chest, alternate fast.

7. Plank to push up

Position elbows below shoulders. Breathe and maintain posture. Alternate arms as you push up into a push up position and back to a plank.

8. Tricep dips

Position hands shoulder width apart. Maintain posture, bend at elbows. Breathe out pushing up.

9.  Tuck jumps

Keep chest up looking forward. Squat down and explode using arms. Tuck knees to chest. Land softly maintaining posture.

10. Bicycle crunches

Lying down, engage core. Alternate elbow to opposite knee. Extend leg out and crunch up/down.