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Top tips for airfare savings

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Want to know how to save your pennies when it comes to travel? Look no further, your gurus are here.


Negotiate and maximise your airline agreement with our help. We give regular benchmarking of airfares and use that intel to sharpen your negotiations. We advise on the best way to negotiate with your preferred airline to give you a bigger win based on your volume – whether you’re looking for discounted fares in a particular class, better rates on excess baggage, additional lounge memberships or other benefits. We can also give you the heads-up on what’s reasonable to ask of your preferred airline as part of your agreement.


While some of our clients are more comfy with preferred airline agreements, there's benefits in having an open mind towards your airfare policy. A ‘Best Fares of the Day’ approach, where you can choose fares from a range of airlines rather than limiting yourself to a monogamous relationship, can often deliver bigger fare savings. On an 'Open skies' approach you can get access to SmartFLY, a unique product with Virgin Australia. It cuts your air travel costs without locking you into a preferred supplier agreement and market share commitment. SmartFLY gives you exclusive, specially negotiated benefits including:


·         Savings of up to 12% on your Virgin Australia domestic airfare spend

·         Point of sale discounts on select domestic business class airfares

·         Discounts on select short and long haul international airfares

·         Two Velocity Pilot Gold Memberships when you spend $2,000 within the first 3 months

·         Discounted annual membership for Virgin Australia lounges


For travel that can be planned ahead, try and book at least 21 days in advance as this can save you up to 70% in airfares. Travelling at off-peak times can also reward you with lower fares. The same principle applies to group travel bookings, whether you’re moving cast and crew, production teams, bands, or groups of executives, booking in advance is a sure-fire way to save dollars on airfares.


Making these complex bookings involves significant time, knowledge and supplier liaison. Our Travel Managers know the drill when it comes to multi-destination itineraries. We not only save you time and productivity costs, but we can also access fares from a range of channels, getting you the best price for your trip.


Whether you’re travelling with film cameras, sound equipment or musical instruments, excess baggage can create expensive add-ons. So let us book your flights and we can pre-arrange excess baggage and negotiate with the airline on your behalf. We can’t always secure waivers and favours, but we can save you a bundle of time, hassle and money.