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When you’re 30,000 feet in the air, your entertainment options can feel a bit limited. However, with a little planning, you can turn that long haul flight into a creative opportunity. With our clients spread across the entertainment, creative and sporting industries, we’ve come up with three interesting ways to use your iPad to pass an hour – or 15!

Try your hand as a creative writer

Always fancied yourself as a creative type? The Creative Writer app gives wannabe writers a bit (or a lot!) of help using words, poetry and lyrics from other writers. You can recycle texts from best-selling novels, literary geniuses, traditional and modern poetry, movies, TV series, song lyrics, hip-hop, gangsta RAP and other sources – shuffling all the words around into something original. So no more excuses for writer’s block!

Learn to play the piano

We all know that learning an instrument is great for your brain, so what are you waiting for? Just download the Piano 3D - Piano App with Songs & Lessons and your iPad becomes a keyboard. This is one of the most popular piano apps – with awesome 3D graphics, a realistic piano sound, over 750 songs in the library and a multi-touch 87-key keyboard that fills the screen. You can also slow down the song to learn at your own pace. Just remember to pack your headphones – to spare other flyers!

Inflight entertainment

If all else fails, don’t worry – the inflight offering has come a long way baby! Thanks to unprecedented connectivity there are more viewing options than ever before - allowing for the live streaming of video content directly to your iPad.