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Disney Unveils Exciting New Star Wars Themed Hotel Experience

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The Walt Disney Company has made a huge international business out of building rich fantasy environments for fans to enjoy, places where their many intellectual properties can be brought to life.  Disney recently announced an exciting new project in this space, turning part of their Disney World resort in Orlando into a hotel where guests will be able to dive into an immersive Star Wars experience, with everything from droid-hosts to lightsaber fights to get a taste of life in a galaxy far, far away.

Announced at this years D23 Expo, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts boss Bob Chapek called the venture a ‘revolutionary vacation experience…Its unlike anything that exists today’. The concept is a luxury resort with all the creature comforts that patrons have come to expect of Disney’s existing properties wrapped up in a multi-day adventure experience.
Starship transportation, windows that show a view into space, staff entirely made up and costumed at all times and every other tool in Disney’s repertoire to give guests the feeling of being a citizen of the star-wars universe. ‘It is 100 percent immersive and the story will touch every single minute of your stay with’ culminating in ‘a unique journey for every person who visits’ Chapek continues.

The plan is for guests to choose their level of participation in the story, with star-wars themed activities to take part in as well as themed meals and admission to a new Star-Wars themed park at Disney World. There is even talk of a robotic droid butler, although this is unconfirmed. What is certain is that Disney is trying to work thematic automation into as many parts of the hotel as possible, with talk of droids performing tasks such as delivering food to rooms, taking check-ins, giving directions or bartending

With the Star Wars phenomenon in full swing around the globe, if Disney can deliver on the hype this may prove to be one of their most popular attractions ever.