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A super-fan's guide to Melbourne's top TV locations

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Are you a television fan who wants to get up close and personal with your favourite shows? Then take our tour of Melbourne's top TV locations.
For most television fans, it’s enough to enjoy their favourite show and see what the characters they love are up to. But for the truly dedicated, there’s a whole other level.
Instead of just watching on screen, the super fans make pilgrimages to the locations where their shows are shot to get up close and personal with where the action takes place, grab a selfie where memorable scenes were shot and maybe, just maybe, see the stars in action.
From the New York diner of Seinfeld to the suburban Albuquerque home from Breaking Bad (where fans have been known to throw pizza on the roof to recreate one memorable scene) some locations have become almost as famous as the shows they are in.
And if you’re visiting Melbourne, there are plenty of locations to map out a day visiting some of our most iconic TV sites and sights.
Check out our itinerary of Melbourne’s places to see from TV.


Australia’s leading celebrity street, this quiet suburban cul-de-sac is actually Pin Oak Court in Vermont South, with tour buses and carloads of fans a regular sight. How popular is this location with fans? In 2013 UK-based Neighbours devotee Andrew Whitney paid $867,000 to buy the house where Jarrod “Toadie” Rebecchi (played by Ryan Moloney) lives. And Whitney already owned the house next door.
TV Tip: Yes, the houses of Neighbours are easy to recognise, the owners are paid an annual fee to keep them looking just as they are on screen.


St. Francis Hospital is the place where Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) met the love of her life Dr Chris Havel (Don Hany), then the next love of her live Dr Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez) and now works with the current love of her life, midwife Leo Taylor (Patrick Brammall). But the real hospital (the exterior at least) is less about romance and more about medicine, Mercy Private Hospital on Grey Street East Melbourne. 
TV Tip: if you have a spare moment while location scouting, take a walk through the streets of Fitzroy – pretty much any street will do - the Offspring crew is often out and about.


Melbourne is peppered with locations where the hit reality renovation series was filmed, from the terraces of Cameron Street Richmond (in 2011) to the townhouses of Dorcas Street South Melbourne (2012) or the impossible-to-miss “Blocktagon” near the corner of Punt and Commercial Roads South Yarra (2015). The latest series however, yet to be screened, is underway in a heritage art deco building at 164 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne. 
TV Tip: Take a closer look at some of the work that has been done by The Block’s contestants. Almost everything is still as it was on screen, proving the work wasn’t just a flashy “for TV” job.


Originally, the aspiring cooks of MasterChef lined up in a converted warehouse in Sydney’s Alexandria, but since 2013, they’ve found a new home in the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds’ poultry pavilion (once the chooks have been cleared out) in a much larger, purpose-built kitchen. The showgrounds are located on Epsom Road, Flemington, with the Poultry/MasterChef headquarters easily sign-posted.
TV Tip: The best time to get inside the Masterchef kitchen without competing is at Easter Royal Show time, when the birds move back in. Any other time, it’s outside only.


Anyone who has watched this gritty crime series will be all too familiar with The Prince of Prussia, where Jack (played by Guy Pearce) retires to mull over the clues and consult the ironically named Fitzroy Youth Club, with three older locals who prop up the bar reliving the glories of their favourite footy team. The name might be different, but the ambiance of The Napier Hotel on Napier Street which doubles as The Prince, has the same old-school charm and cold beers on tap.
TV Tip: Jack’s renovated home, Independent Hall, is just a few blocks away at 182 Fitzroy Street. It’s a private home though, so be polite to the residents!


The heart and soul of the suburban comedy Kath & Kim is without doubt the utterly average Aussie townhouse where we first meet Kath, recently engaged to Kel and living with her currently separated daughter Kath. Set in the fictitious Fountain Lakes, the charm of the home is that it’s so familiar to many Aussies – if they don’t live in a house like it, they know someone who does. Check it out at 4 Lagoon Place Patterson Lakes. It’s a slice of suburban heaven.
TV Tip: Looking for the full Kath & Kim experience? Just up the road on the Princes Highway is Westfield Fountain Gate, home to Prue and Trude’s homewares store for all your Le Creuset needs.
By Scott Ellis