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How to get a job as a travel manager

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By Nina Hendy
Stage and Screen is always on the hunt for talented Travel Managers. Find out what you need to do to be in the running for this hotly pursued role.
Plenty of young hopefuls come knocking on the door hoping to work as a travel manager with Stage and Screen.
But the company’s national operations leader Adam Moon explains that applicants need a special skill set to be considered for the role. And working as a travel manager sounds glamorous. But it’s also a lot of hard work.
“To start with, a travel manager with us will need at least five years’ experience as a travel agent. We’re also looking out for people who can demonstrate that they have a huge amount of passion for both the travel industry and our client's industries. In-depth knowledge and experience of global distribution software Galileo is also paramount to being considered, Mr Moon says.

Stage and Screen travel managers are hands on in dealing with logistics teams, so they need to be confident and quick-thinking. They handle bump ins and bump outs for major tours and events, which is a monumental task.

“There’s a lot of challenges that are unique to our client's industries - sporting, music & touring, TV & production, film, and creative industries - that you wouldn't come across in regular travel management roles. So our travel managers need to be aware of these intricacies and be able to implement solutions quickly.”
 “You never know when you need to rely on your own skills to negotiate something that at the time, feels like a life or death situation. So, you really need to be able to think on your feet.”
It’s not surprising that work as a Stage and Screen travel manager is so highly sought after.
It's a thrilling, fast paced environment where no day is the same. You get to work with the most incredible clients (*cough* the heavyweights of sports and entertainment *cough*) in an ever-changing industry.
Research shows that technology is an integral part of the role and will be increasingly important as travel managers seek to take a more strategic position within their organisations, according to a study released last year by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).
The study of travel managers in the US and Canada reports that mobility, virtual payments and data are transforming their roles and responsibilities. A similar scenario will no doubt be playing out within the travel industry here in Australia.
“Technology is going to become increasingly important for travel managers, as they seek to expand their role and further demonstrate the value that they bring to their organisation,” GBTA vice president of research, Joseph Bates says.
82 per cent of the 230 travel managers surveyed for the study also named analysing and leveraging data as being important to their role. Using data for contract negotiations with suppliers and identifying hard dollar savings. 
But at Stage and Screen they're not only looking at the numbers, they're also looking for a real ability to connect with and deliver for their clients. 
"Our staff retention rate matches our client retention rate, explains Mr Moon. It's something we love to write home about and keen to maintain. This is a reflection of our ability to find the right people for our team and our clients. Our people genuinely love coming to work every day.
"Relationships are a hugely important part of the job as a travel manager, so confident and charismatic people are best suited to the role, Mr Moon says.